Below is just a small, yet diverse, sampling of our catalog.  These “snippets” are taken from of our performance at various venues.  They are of variable sound quality, which is due to the nature of each venue as well as the placement of the recorder and the different types of recorders used at the time of the recording… blah, blah, blah...



Song                                     Length

Secret Agent Man                  00:58

Blue Moon                              00:41

Trying To Boogie                   01:03    

Love Potion Number 9          00:27

Summertime                           01:12

Back In The USSR                 01:11

Flip Flop n Fly                        01:21

Louie Louie                            00:59

Breakfast In Bed                    01:09

River Hip Mama                    01:03

Evil Ways                               00:35

Mustang Sally                        00:58    

I Just Want To Celebrate     00:59

Sweet Home Chicago     00:50